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Cob Buildings, Barns, Listed Buildings, Manor Houses, Farms, Restoration and Maintenance Devon.

Welcome to Cob & Period Building Specialists Devon

Building Restoration in Devon

At Cob & Period Building Specialists, we have years and years of experience in repairing and maintaining the traditional buildings and homes of our beautiful county. We have the utmost respect for traditional building materials and use them whenever possible.

Our unique approach is to use these materials alongside modern equipment and technology. This enables us to make your building safe, comfortable and habitable while retaining its historical charm.

What kind of buildings do we work on?

  • Cob buildings
  • Barns
  • Listed buildings
  • Manor houses
  • Farms

Our team consists of skilled craftsmen plasterers, carpenters, etc..

What is cob? Cob is a traditional building material combining sub soil with straw and water. These days it is usually mixed with a tractor although many years ago it was mixed in the farmyard by bullocks and this accounts for the dung that is found in some walls.
Cob is normally constructed in lifts or layers . According to the historians this form of construction can be traced back to the 13thC although most of the cob buildings in Devon were constructed between the 17thC & 19th C.

It is estimated in this County alone that there are 40,000 listed cob buildings.

Lime mortars and renders were generally used as finishes because of suitability and compatibility with cob and are still used today for the same reasons. There are normally two coats of limeputty render a smooth or scat coat and then finished with a lime wash.
Cement renders are not recommended because they are rigid and do not allow the cob to breathe, any moisture content is sealed and cannot escape cob needs to breathe. Lime is porous ad allows the cob to do just this and gives an additional layer of protection to the cob.

Our work is carried out to the highest standards and by people with a real passion for their work.

For more information, give us a call now on 01392811021 or view our enquiry page to send an email direct to us.